A.I. Lead Management Assistant for your entire Sales Team

Helps sales team qualify and nurture mundane leads to reach your growth targets

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About Inversation

Inversation acts as an automated sales assistant for growing inside sales teams.

We believe the time lost in emails, reports, and information-management is a design problem of information technology. Therefore, we're building Inversation. Inversation, a truly human like interface, which will take up mundane tasks and save billions of man hours. Giving back what matters to human the most; TIME. Inversation uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and conversational bot technology to generate more qualified opportunities through dynamic lead capture, qualification, and nurturing.


Engage Every Leads

With the Best A.I. Solution

Inversation provides A.I. enabled sales & marketing platform which works relentlessly (24x7) to help you engage every lead, to make sure that you don’t miss any revenue opportunity

  • Timely engagement
  • Focuses on lead conversion
  • Boost your funnel
  • Multiple Channels
  • As human as it gets
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How It Works

The A.I. persona acts as an automated sales assistant for growing sales teams.

Engages the customer

Assist and Respond





Success Stories

Why Clients Love Us

20% increase in qualified leads

We have seen a 20% increase in our qualified leads pipeline using Inversation.



Improved 60% in sales productivity

Our sales team used to spend lot of time in initial qualification of leads, with Inversation, sales team can now focus only leads which are ready to buy, saving us almost 60% of sales executives’ time.


Head of Marketing

Zero leakages in leads

We started loving Inversation from first week, it helped us plug the gap of leads getting lost between Marketing & Sales.


Head of Product



Are your sales fingers fastest?

Businesses use online directory services & marketplaces such as Alibaba, SAP Ariba to generate leads and on top of it, they pay a hefty amount to the same service providers to buy exclusive leads.

Leads Lost in Labyrinth

Most of the businesses, spend a large amount of their marketing budget in generating leads via various channels such as landing pages, inbound emails, enquiry form, online directory services and partners.

Gorge between MQL & SQL

Most businesses today are focusing on inbound marketing, generating a lot of leads utilizing sophisticated marketing automation software.

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